digital artisans

In a recent meeting with one of our clients about their fit out needs, they mooted the idea of the digital artisan.

As an award-winning creator of video games, they wanted their new workspace to not only reflect the expertise of their craft but also incorporate the technological aspect of what they do.

This made perfect sense and provided us with an excellent sense of direction for the new space.

It also got us thinking about the concept of a digital artisan. 

It's certainly not a new concept. 

In June 2015, Wired magazine described digital artisans as people 'combining the classical skills of a crafts worker with tools once reserved for the (automotive and aerospace) industries'. It adds: "the two can work together to create objects that couldn't have been made purely by hand or purely by machine."

With craftsmanship becoming more popular and technology now an integral part of working people's lives, it's therefore only right that these two areas should be incorporated into the work environment.

But how can they live together harmoniously? 

Let's take Brew Dog as an example. The Craft Beer company takes the age-old craft of brewing beer and uses machinery and technology to create new beers on an almost annual basis. They also offer tours where people can visit its HQ, brewhouse and distillery, allowing them to showcase their craft to its customers as well as providing another revenue stream for the business. They have appeared in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 list six years in a row and the company was valued in 2018 at £1.8 billion.

Digital artisans need spaces to discuss, collaborate, test and showcase. The work environment needs to be inspiring with a move away from desk time to focusing more on the output and what has been created.

In short, these workspaces need to reflect the art of creativity but update it to today's needs and methods.

New approaches and an imaginative vision is required. We're already doing this for some of our clients. If you need us to help you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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