office world cup

It can’t have escaped your notice that England almost won the 2018 FIFA World Cup … it nearly came home!

Ok that may be a slight exaggeration but they came close which is good enough for us.

Watching how different countries played football in a way that reflected their heritage, culture and national characteristics, made us think about how our work environments not only reflect the occupants’ heritage and brand values but they are also indicative of the country in which that brand is based.

So we started looking into different workspaces from around the world which are home to a local brand. We tried to avoid shared office spaces and companies traditionally known for their non-traditional offices i.e tech companies such as Google. So here are our favourites from the countries who made it through to the quarter finals of the World Cup.


Just like the way they play football, this office (home to L’Oréal) is beautiful ... 'because it’s worth it'.



Croatia, like its football team, has a few outstanding offerings but this one from eCommerce agency, Inchoos, stood out from the others. A bit like Modrić did throughout the tournament.


Ah Belgium, you knocked England out of the World Cup and you are home to the European Union. Neither of which matter to us anymore.


A great team who went above and beyond to deliver a much better outcome for everyone - just like we did (and continue to do) when we worked on Octopus Phase 1 and Phase 2.


With offices in Sweden the second most expensive to rent in Europe, it’s a wonder there’s enough money to make it look beautiful. But Spotify managed to do just that:


The country punches above its weight when it comes to both football and beautiful workspaces.

This one from mobile app developer, Condigo Del Sur, is in the capital Montevideo.


We had such high expectations. Luckily publishing company Editora Gente, based in Sao Paolo, didn’t let us down.


Last but not least, Russia continues to surprise us. This office from online classifieds company is in Moscow and would (or wouldn’t) make us happy to work there.

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