our star continues to shine ...

Our very own Abigail Francis (Williams) has a standout performance as the jittery housewife, Sara Jane Moore, in the Pleasance Theatre's production of Assassins. Reviews include:

London Theatre 1: "Abigail Williams and Michaela Cartmell’s scene (playing Sara Jane Moore and Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme) is a total standout. Their energy is infectious, and the conversation crescendos with a bizarre dark comedy. Williams presents the character’s kooky nature with a charismatic, naturally hilarious flair; you really can’t keep your focus off of her."

British Theatre Guide: "Particularly funny is the moment he meets Abigail Williams whose own superb comic timing as Sara Jane Moore is capable of making you laugh at the turn of a phrase or a sudden facial expression."

Yep, that's our gal!

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